Furniture deals with different aspects of mobility today which has an impact on construction and design. It is shifted within the architecture, it is moved with to an other architecture. And at the same time it must be possible to disassemble and ship it as small as possible. A shelf is a piece of furniture with a strong architectural character, consisting of vertical and horizontal of different height, width and depth. I was looking for the in-between space – the small gap that holds a freedom in these rigid structures. Where and how the horizontal and the vertical meet is one of the most elementary design decisions besides the choice of material. HUB is flexible connector used to clamp boards and to build shelving structures. It frees the horizontal from the restriction to one material, one material thickness or one shape – it can be positioned freely on the board. It is plain, simple and reuseable.

aluminum, anodized ⠀
single 45 x 25 x 25,5mm⠀
double 65 x 25 x 25,5mm⠀